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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Indian air force game Honest review| pubg competition

 Indian air force game Honest review| pubg competition

Indian air force game Honest review| pubg competition

So the Indian Air Force Game has launched its very own official game called Indian Air Force a cut above game could have been named better and it's an invitation for the youth of the country to come and experience the thrill of air combat in a mobile game a panga year the indian youth is kind of busy playing pub g so why would they want to fly fighter planes he come to 10 let's play the game and was kept bad vertically there the game has been developed by Terra military games which is a Dwarka based company and has mostly developed military combat games like guardians of the sky which was the first game launched by the Indian Air Force game back in 2014 these games are available on both iOS and Android the gameplay looks engaging although some controls need polishing like the fact that the throttle buttons need to be more accessible sound quality isn't the best and I feel that the developers could have done a better job with the music especially in the training program

it has three modes single-player free flight and training the game starts with the training mode and as we complete your training your allotted missions to complete which unlock and get tougher as you progress it's just not about flying and gun battle you also get rescue missions to carry out and get to operate different combat vehicles you get to fly aircrafts like the Mirage 2000 and the Dassault Rafale fighter the cut above is not a very graphic heavy game and it can run on basic smartphones you can also go and change the setting and graphics according to your phone's hardware but what I found interesting is that the game's default Abinandan  is someone jinke stylish muche hai the true indian person who made us proud 

How to login Indian air force game 

Indian air force game Honest review| pubg competition

you will have to login using an email ID and password which gives you access to extra features of the game there are 10 missions in total the developers are also working on a multiplayer version of the game which will be released in October this year now the game offers users a chance to create their own of tar using well your own face like this although I will not recommend you guys trying this feature because you will end up looking something like this yeah that's not a pretty face certain game features need access to your files and photos why it needs access to make phone calls is a bit confusing also it doesn't support the auto rotate function so a cut above is an android game with its gameplay it keeps the players guessing what's about to happen next which is exactly what makes it interesting now in terms of graphics and sound yes there are a lot of gray areas but I think the developers can work on it and make the game better in the next update but is the game that interesting that it makes me ignore other air combat games like modern warplanes or star combat I don't think so you

Indian air force game honest review
I am proud to play this game, everyone should try it once as it is very interesting, pubg has its own graphics can't compare it with but what our Indian creators did we should appreciate it. If you want to play download it from the play store beware of fraud games it will be on the top named Indian air force game 

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