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Morning habits thats make your life healthy

Morning habits that make your life healthy

Hey friends every one wants to live a healthy life but don't know what things should they do to make there health good. Many people suffer from many diseases and always have  a dream to overcome with those diseases and live a healthy life but they don't have time to focus on there health due to many reasons.

Morning habits for proper health
Morning habits for proper health

Today I am gonna tell you some morning habits tips thats make you healthy just you need to follow these tricks to make your health healthy.

 You just need to follow these tips in your day to day life to live a healthy life. So don't forgot to use these tricks and live a healthy life

Top Morning habit tips to make you healthy

Drink water on empty stomach

Yes you heard correct you have to drink around 2 glass of water. Now you are thinking what is a relation between  water and health.  Don't  take tension I am here to explain you.

Drink water on empty stomach
Drink water on empty stomach 
After waking up in morning your body is dehydrated and you didn't drink water for around 7-8 hours and your body needs water.

Also drinking water in empty stomach helps for cleaning of your stomach and you don't have any stomach related disease. By doing you have proper excretion and you don't face any problem.

Get some sunlight

Many people due to work are unable to see sun and unable to absorb the sunlight. So these people should atleast 10 minutes go to the open environment and see and enjoy the nature.

Get some sunlight
Get some sunlight

By doing this your body will not have vitamin d deficiency. Also you will don't have any need of eating vitamin d supplements.


Doing meditation for around 15 minutes in morning makes your brain relax and your body get energy to work for all day and improve your concentration power and decision making skill.


So in morning don't forgot to do meditation. Also  meditation help you in making your brain sharp.

 In other works I can say that you can do yoga and every one is familiar with the benefits of yoga  .

Do nothing after sleep

Now you are thinking what does it mean. I just explain you in few word that after you wake up after sleep you will not stand just be in the same posture in bed. 

You will be sit in the sleeping posture for two minutes and don't think anything. By foing this your all body parts will get oxygen and get relax. 

This is  the simplest thing you can do to have proper mental health.

Running in morning

Running is very good morning habit. Just running for 15 minutes in morning equal to running for more than one hour in gym or in other time. 

This is because in morning running for 15 minutes in open environment  provide your body a good quality oxygen. Also in morning there is having fresh oxygen in environment.

Take bath with cold water

Taking bath with cold water doesn't mean you have to put ice in your water. Just you have to take bath with normal tap water. Many people take bath with warm water. 

But having bath with warm water make you lazy and all day you will not able to focus on there work. 

If you take bath with warm water you will feel full refresh and you will not feel lazy and you will energies for all day work.

Proper breakfast

Many people have bad habit of not eating there breakfast or just drinking tea and saying there breakfast is done. But this type of habits have adverse effect on there health. 

People should have balance breakfast because breakfast is the first meal which you eat and start your day. A good breakfast provides your whole body energy for all day and you will feel fresh and energetic.

Proper breakfast
Proper breakfast

Now you are thinking what to eat in breakfast does you will eat fast food and fill your stomach. I will just say eating fast food will make yiu fat and lazy not energetic. You should eat healthy protein rich food. 

The protein rich food such as egg white, oats, almonds etc should be included in your breakfast and your breakfast should have high percentage of protein.


These all tips are the some best morning habits which you can follow to have proper health.any people think proper health just mean a person is physically fit but a healthy person is not only physically but also mentally fit. 

So mental health is also important to live healthy life. For some people following all tips is not possible for those people I can just say that you can wake up just half hour earlier from the normal time and implement some of these tips in your life and see the changes which you experienced on you.

 Hope you like these morning habits tips and you like this article

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