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Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal

Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal

Simple carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar to spike, your insulin levels to rise and you waist line to spread.  However, there are ways to keep the simple carbs from spiking your blood sugar and to lose weight at the same time. 

Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal
Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal

You just need to follow the instruction by which the sugar level in your body will reduce. Below are 4 ways you can do just that!

4 ways to reduce sugar level in blood

Step 1

If you are eating simple carbohydrates you can slow down the flow of sugar into your blood stream by actually slowing down your digestion with fats and proteins.  A good strategy to keep in mind, is to make sure that the carbohydrate based food does not out number the protein and fat based ingredients in the meal.  Check the labels!  By doing this, your food will take longer to digest thereby causing your blood sugar level to remain more level despite the simple carbohydrates.

Step 2

  If you are eating a sugar based food that is tough to combine with fat or protein (like chocolate or cookies), it is helpful to keep the portions small.  The reason for this is because your blood sugar levels spike due to the amount of sugar that is released into the blood steam within a given time.  Thus, if you can not slow down the speed of the release you can at least control the amount of sugar.  Remember, reduce the use of normal sugar it will increase the fat in your body

Step 3

Remember, the sugar we ar eating is converted in fat by our body which increase th calories and juat we can say sugar as calorie bins.  These storage bins exist primarily in your liver and muscle tissue and they can store that sugar in the form of glycogen.  Thus, the sugar goes in the glycogen storage bins.  Thus, having a regular exercise routine will help keep blood sugar in check and help keep sugar from turning to fat.

Step 4

  Remember this simple rule in regard to carbs:
30 carbs for breakfast
40 carbs for lunch
40 carbs for dinner
15 carbs for an evening snack

If you find yourself falling to temptation try using Cheatmeals.  Cheatmeals has over 670 studies published world wide showing the following:

Benefits of cheatmeal

* That Cheatmeals BLOCKS 350+ calories of carbohydrates and sugars, as well as saturated & "bad" fats from the meals you eat. Less calories absorbed means less calories that can turn into body fat!

Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal
Simple carb diet for weight loss with cheatmeal

* Cheatmeal reduces gas, bloat, acid reflux & other digestive problems because Cheatmeals contains specific digestive enzymes for optimal carbohydrate and fat utilization.  

* Cheatmeals has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol & blood sugar, WITHOUT a change in your diet or exercise.
* Cheatmeals is a great source of natural fiber for colon health.

CHEATmeals is guaranteed to work for every person, every time because it blocks BOTH carbs AND fats from being absorbed and turned into ugly, unhealthy body fat. That is why Cheatmeals has been voted the "#1 complete fat + carb blocker"


The cheatmeal is the amazing way to reduce thr blood sugar level and reduce the body fat. I hope you understood about this and you will follow this in your life.

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