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helpful tips about Heart ailment

Heart Ailments

Beautiful Decor Heart ailments across India are on the increase. One of the main persuades for heart ailment is high blood pressure. Medically, high blood pressure is known as Hyper tension.
Heart ailment
Heart ailment

 High blood pressure has become a very ordinary disease these days. Only 50% of the patients know about it and only 25% are being medicated. Before we discuss further about high B.P., let us first know about our Heart.

Facts on human heartheart

Heart is a very hard working organ of out body. Human heart is a deep, muscular, cone shaped organ. Stretch out your hand and make a fist. The heart is about the same size as your accurated fist. It is a little fights to the left of our body and may weigh about 800 gms.

Reason for heart disease

One of the main reasons for the heart diseases is is high blood pressure. It increases the heart's performance load. The heart inspissates and becomes difficult. High blood pressure increases risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure. If the high B.P. patient has also obesity, smoking habit, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, then the danger increases vaious times.

The stage of cardiac cycle during which the heart contracts is known as Systole. The term commonly assigns to ventricular systole, which last about 0.3 seconds. Auricle systole lasts about 0.1 seconds. The stage between two contractions of the heart, when the muscle of the heart relaxes and permits the chambers to fill with blood is called diastole. 

This condition commonly assigns to ventricular diastole which lasts about 0.5 seconds. During exercise this period reduces, permiting the heart rate to increase.

Blood pressure is the sideways pressure that the blood throws against the walls of the main arteries. Pressure is high during systole when ventricles deal and lower during diastole when ventricles are diminishing and refilling. 

Your blood pressure is the pressure of your heart and arteries apply, in order to transfer and circulate blood around your body. It goes up when you exercise or get excited. It returns to usual when these moments pass.

Healthful Tips:

Helpful tips
Helpful tips

1) Avoid oily and greasy foods. Control salt intake.
2) Controls yourself on soft drinks, soda, sugar and sweets like ice cream and cake.
3) Eat small servings frequently to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
4) Exercise routinely but in moderation. Physical activities increase HDL good cholesterol.
5) Drink enough water.
6) Enjoy your food. Chew slowly. You will feel full after eating so you will not feel deprived by following the diet.


These tips help you to control your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease as heart disease are very dangerous and this will lead to death of a person. So you should take care of your heart by following these simple health tips.

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