How to increase haemoglobin count fast

How to increase haemoglobin count fast

Hello friends how are you all? Do you know that many people have haemoglobin deficiency and always think about how to increase haemoglobin count fast and don't know the answer to it? To solve your problem I have brought an answer to you. Before you get the answer of how to increase haemoglobin count fast. You should know about haemoglobin. 

How to increase haemoglobin count fast
How to increase haemoglobin count fast

       Haemoglobin is present in red blood cells and haemoglobin helps in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to all other parts of the body. So you can say haemoglobin as an oxygen transporter. Haemoglobin is a very essential thing for your body to get oxygen. If your body gets less oxygen than you all will feel week and you are unable properly concentrate in any activity.

Now you know the importance of haemoglobin in our body now you should know from which thing the haemoglobin made. Here is the answer

Haemoglobin is made of iron
. And many people eat junk foods which do not contain iron in large quantity. If you want to increase your haemoglobin level than you have to eat more iron-rich food with vitamin c rich food. Now you all are thinking haemoglobin is made of iron than why we have to eat vitamin c rich foods. Here is the answer

Vitamin c helps our body to absorb iron. If you have vitamin c deficiency than your body is not able to absorb more iron and indirectly you will face haemoglobin deficiency. Now you understood that if you want to increase a haemoglobin count that not only you have to eat more iron-rich food but also vitamin c rich food. 

Again you all will have a new question about which foods have more vitamin c and iron. To solve your problem I had brought a list of iron rich food and list of vitamin c rich foods.

List of iron-rich foods

The list of iron-rich foods is here. These foods contain iron in large quantity. I had brought a top 4 iron-rich foods to increase haemoglobin are:

1) Green vegetable

green vegetable
green vegetable

Green vegetable is one of the best sources of iron. Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, etc are the foods which are a rich source of iron. But many people don't like to eat green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli. But you can eat them by trying some interesting recipes which are available online. So you should eat green vegetables every day to get enough iron.

2) beetroot



Beetroot is also another good source of iron. But the problem is that many people don't like to eat beetroot. They mainly include beetroot in sandwiches or else they remove them. If you don't like to eat beetroot directly you may make a juice of beetroot and drink. This way you can eat beetroot without any problem. For 2-3days you will not like its taste but after that, you will gonna enjoy drinking beetroot juice because your body understood the taste of beetroot. This way your body will get more iron and directly your haemoglobin level will increase

3) Pomegranate


I think this is the food which everyone is like to eat. Pomegranate is the good source of iron and your body get enough iron from pomegranate. You can have pomegranate juice and drink a tasty pomegranate juice. But there is having one problem with pomegranate. Pomegranate is a seasonal fruit and only grow in particular season. So it is not possible for you to eat pomegranate throughout the year.

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List of vitamin c foods

Vitamin c is required by a body to absorb iron. Vitamin c is therefore very important to increase haemoglobin in your body. Here is the list of vitamin c foods.

1) orange

Orange to increase haemoglobin
Orange to increase haemoglobin 

I think everyone knows that orange is a very good source of vitamin c and everyone like to eat orange and orange juice. Also many people like orange juice than a normal orange. Orange juice will provide you vitamin c but it does not contain dietary fiber. But it is also a seasonal fruit and not available throughout the year. Still, there is having many packed orange juices but I personally don't recommend any packed orange juice because it contains an artificial preservative which is not good for your health.

2) lemon

Lemon to increase vitamin c
Lemon to increase vitamin c
Lemon is also a good source of vitamin c. Lemon is a good antioxidant and it is easily available in the market at a cheaper price. You can drink lemon juice because it is refreshing your body. Also, many people drink lemon juice in weight loss. so you should always drink lemon juice due to its numerous benefits. Lemon juice does not have any side effects too.

3) strawberry

Strawberry to increase vitamin c
Strawberry to increase vitamin c

Strawberries are the fruit which everyone like you eats. Strawberry is a good source of vitamin c. It contains many antioxidants. With vitamin c it contains other nutrients such as manganese, folate, antioxidants. But it is difficult to get strawberries throughout the year because it is a seasonal fruit and only available in particular season.


After reading my article you got the answer for how to increase haemoglobin count fast. You can follow the above tricks and eat the things mention above to increase a haemoglobin count easily. These tricks and techniques help you to increase your haemoglobin count if you have haemoglobin deficiency. These tricks will help you to overcome with haemoglobin deficiency. You can read my other blog post to make yourself healthy fit and fine

Top 8 Healthy benefits of banana

Healthy benefits of banana

Banana is one of the most popular fruits. Many people like to eat a banana daily. This is because it is very cheap and easily available in the market.
Healthy benefits of banana
Healthy benefits of banana

 But Many people eat banana but do all people know the healthy benefits of banana. There is not having only one healthy benefits of banana. There is having more than 20 health benefits of banana. For you all people I had brought top 8 healthy benefits of banana.

Top 8 healthy benefits of banana are:

1)Energy booster

Banana is the best source of instant energy. You can replace your energy booster drink with bananas.

If you all are going to the gym than two banana's before a workout provides you enough energy. 

Also, it does not have any side effects. It is cheaper than energy drinks. Energy drinks contain caffeine, preservative and daily intake of this thing are not good for health.

2)Avoid the risk of cramps

You are thinking is really banana's help in reducing a risk of cramps than I will say yes. Banana's help you to protect from cramps which are coming during night time. 

Also it is help you to protect from a muscle cramp. So if you  are afraid of getting than start eating the amazing fruit called banana which not only save you from cramps but also from many deseases.

3)Good source of potassium

potassium is the of the most important mineral required in your body and banana is a rich source of potassium. Many people have blood pressure issue here's a good news for you all potassium help's you to maintain the blood pressure. 

And  banana's are the good source of potassium. Potassium provides enough oxygen to the brain and make you energetic.

4) May Avoid risk of heart attack

Heart attack
Avoid heart attack

Heart attack is very dangerous desease.Many people face a problem of coming strokes and heart attack. 
As banana contains potassium at high percentage.the potassium maintain blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. So eat banana daily if you have any heart related disease.

5) Mood enhancer

Banana contains one amino acid called triptophan which is converted into serotonin.
And serotonin is a mood enhancer hormone and make you happy. Now if you next time feel unhappy or in depression. You should eat banana's to come back from depression.
You should suggest other people to eat banana if they face depression so that they can overcome from depression

6)  Helps in digestion

One of the best healthy benefits of banana is in digestion. Banana is a natural antacid and reduce the acidity. 
Banana contain many digestive enzymes such as pectin which helps in easy digestion. Banana helps in a growth of good bacteria in stomach. 
Also if you have diarrhea banana helps your stomach to bring all the nutrients back in stomach.

7) Reduce the risk of diabetes

At present almost more than half population in the world will face  a problem of diabetes.
Person face diabetes due to less production of insulin in body. Banana helps you from type 2 diabetes.
Also if you have diabetes many people stop eating sugar products and become weak. Sugar is required by a body to provide energy for function of whole body. Banana contain about 450 calories.
Also banana does not increase your sugar level. So you can eat banana if you face a problem of weakness in diabetes.

8) weight gain

Weight gain
Weight gain

Actually there is not having any evidance that says banana helps in weight gain. Banana didn't have much sugar but it is high in calories. So those calories may help you to increase weight. I can just say you should eat banana because it has numerous health benefits and has low sugar but high calories.


Banana is a god gifted fruit to all of us and banana has numerous health benefits. In one article it is not possible for me to cover all the healthy benefits of banana. To cover all healthy benefits of banana it require me to write more two article on this amazing fruit.
After reading this article I hope you all will gonna start eating banana every day.

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All about vitamin d foods and best source of vitamin d

The best source of Vitamin d foods.

Vitamin d foods are the food which contains vitamin d as a micronutrient. Also, we know that the importance of vitamin d in our day to day life
Vitamin d foods
Vitamin d foods

What is vitamin d?

Vitamin d is produced in our body when our skin is exposed to the sun. It is automatically produced in our body. It is not like the other vitamin.
    Other vitamins are not produced in our body but vitamin d is produced in our body when our skin is exposed to sunlight, therefore, it is also called sunshine vitamin.

Importance of vitamin d

There is having much importance of vitamin d which includes maintain the teeth and bones healthy and make them strong.
Also, vitamin d help in maintains type 1 diabetes, cancer, maintain the immune system healthy, making healthy pregnancy etc. These all are the importance of vitamin d in our life.

Sources of vitamin d

The main source of vitamin d is directly through sunlight. You just need to stand for about 10-15 minutes in sunlight to get enough vitamin d. For children and adults, the vitamin d should be consumed about 600IU.
Sources of vitamin d
Sources of vitamin d

But in many area people didn't get enough vitamin d, therefore, they phase vitamin d deficiency. Here is some alternative of foods which contain vitamin d. We get vitamin d from plants, animals, fruits, bacteria. These all are the sources of vitamin d where we can get vitamin d.

Here we can classify the vitamin d foods in the different category.
Vitamin d foods for vegetarian
Vitamin d foods for nonvegetarian
Fruits containing vitamin d
Vitamin d foods for vegan

1)list of vitamin d foods for vegetarian

There is not having any direct source of vitamin d for vegetarian. There is having some product which is fortified with vitamin d. Here are they.

A) Milk products

Milk products for vitamin d
Milk products for vitamin d

Many milk products such as yogurt, cheese, milk itself are fortified with vitamin d to overcome the deficiency of vitamin d. This product can help you to overcome vitamin d deficiency.

B) Mushrooms.

Muahrooms for vitamin d
Mushrooms for vitamin d

Almost All mushrooms contain vitamin d. Mushrooms are directly exposed to sunlight, therefore, they store vitamin D2. The mushroom is a rich source of vitamin d. Here is an example:
Shiitake mushroom is the best source of vitamin d from mushrooms.

C) Vitamin d supplement.

Vitamin d suppliment
Vitamin d supplements

For vegetarian, there is having less sourced of vitamin d foods. The best choice of vitamin d is a vitamin d supplement. You can get enough vitamin d from supplements.

The best supplement for vitamin d is fish oil supplements.
These are some source of vitamin d for vegetarians. You can have these vitamins d rich foods in your diet and overcome with the vitamin d deficiency.

2)List of vitamin d foods for nonvegetarians.

For nonvegetarian, there is having many vitamins d foods without any problem. They can include these foods in their daily diet to overcome the deficiency. Here are some foods:

A) Fish

Fish for vitamin d
Fish for vitamin d

Fish is the best source of vitamin d. Fish help you to overcome the deficiency of vitamin d. The best fish of vitamin d is salmon, tuna, mackerel.
If you don't want to include fish in your daily diet, you can take fish oil supplements which is the best source of vitamin d.

B) Egg yolk.

Egg yolk for vitamin d
Egg yolk for vitamin d

The egg is the very best food which every nonvegetarian should include every day in his diet. Egg white is the best source of protein.
 While the egg yolk is the best source of many vitamins. Egg yolk is also a good source of vitamin d.

C) beef liver

Beef liver for vitamin d

Beef liver is the best source of vitamin can give you enough amount of vitamin d required by a body in one meal. But it is not possible to eat beef liver every day.

3) Fruits contain vitamin d

Not any fruits directly contain vitamin d. These fruits are fortified with vitamin d. The fruit such as orange juice is a good source of vitamin c.
But it does not include a vitamin d. But many orange juices are fortified with vitamin d to overcome the deficiency of vitamin d.

4) List of vitamin d foods for vegan.

Almond milk.
Soy milk
Soy yogurt
Orange juice
Except for mushrooms all the foods are fortified with vitamin d. Or else you have to eat vitamin d supplements.


These all the vitamin d foods which you can include in your day to day life and overcome with vitamin d deficiency.

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Best weight loss tips every person should follow to loss weight

Weight loss tips

Many people ask me about some weight loss tips. But it is not possible for me to answer every individual that way I decided to write a blog post on this topic. Every person wants to look fit and want to maintain there figure. Especially women's more thinks about weight loss. They think that if their weight is more than they will not look beautiful also Many people thinks that if they lose there weight they will be fit and fine. They think that losing weight just means not eating food and skipping their meals. But people should not skip any of there meal.
Weight loss tips
Weight loss tips

To solve the problems of the people and I will tell you about the best weight loss tips which you can implement in your life and see a drastic result if you follow these tips. Also, try to follow all the tips to lose weight without feeling any weakness.

Best weight loss tips are:

Avoid skipping meals

Many people think that skipping lunch or dinner is the best way to lose weight. But it is not the best method but the worst method to lose weight. If you skip a meal your body will not get proper nutrient to function. You all should have small meals between lunch and dinner. You should eat food which contains more protein and less fat. In the future, if someone says skipping a meal is the way to lose weight you can explain that person the right way of losing weight.

Worm water+lemon+honey

Take some warm water and add half lemon into it and also add 1 spoon of honey. Mix this thing together and drink. Honey is a help to reduce weight also lemon is warm water also helps to reduce weight. The combination of lemon and honey is best for weight loss. Also, it contains many antioxidants which help your skin to glow.

Running in morning

Running in morning
Running in morning

Running in the morning is the best way to oxygenate your body very quickly. If you do jogging in the morning it will help you to burn extra fat. Doing 15min running in the morning is the same as doing 1hr of running in the gym. During morning time there is having fresh air and fresh air make your body refresh.

Use smaller plates

Weight loss tips

Research proves that if you use smaller plates you will eat less and if you eat less automatically your weight will not increase. Here your brain will think that there is having enough food in the plate and not require extra food. This will help you not to eat more food. So don't forget to use small plates when you having your any meal.

Use mirror in the kitchen

This is also a very good method to stop you from eating junk food. Now you are thinking about how a mirror helps me to lose weight. It doesn't help but indirectly it helps you to lose weight. When you go to the kitchen to eat something and when you see this mirror you will realize how fatty you are and you want to lose weight. After thinking this you will gonna stop eating junk food from the kitchen. It is a very interesting trick to stop people to eat more how was the trick comment me and tell me about your opinion.

Eat more fruits

Eat more fruits
Eat more foods

Fruits contain fewer calories but more protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. So you should include more fruits in your small meals. Also fruits such as apple, pomegranate etc help you to lose weight. They are low calorie food and include in the day to day life.

Eat egg and oats in breakfast

Weight loss tips

Egg contains very less calorie but it is the best source of protein and provide your body instant energy for the whole day. Instead of eating junk food you should eat Egg at breakfast. Also eat oats in breakfast is another good choice. Eat oats with milk make it superb fruits. This is low calorie and low carb food which you can have in the morning with many other benefits.

Stop eating chicken or meat every day

Weight loss tips

I can say a very important weight loss tips will be not to eat more chicken or meat everyday because chicken and meat contain fat in high proportion. And the main goal of a person who is losing weight will be to burn fat. I don't mean you should totally stop eating nonveg food. You can eat them once a week. Also when you are eating them make sure it is not deep fry. If it is deep fry automatically the fat percentage will make sure you eat nonveg properly when you are in a diet.

Replace your normal tea with green tea:

Green tea
Green tea

We all know the unhealthy effects of normal tea. Normal tea contains a sugar at large proportion and this leads to the increase in weight. Instead of Normal tea, you may drink green tea which is much better than normal tea. Green tea has the potential to burn fat and reduce weight. It boosts up the metabolic rate which automatically reduces the weight of a person. Not green tea help to weight loss but also it helps in various disease. It reduce the risk of many types of cancer. Also, it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is very easy to carry you just need a green tea bag and hot water.

Conclusion :

These all weight loss tips work when you will follow them correctly and implement in your life. If you do not implement these weight loss tips in your life sorry to say that you are not able to lose weight. So follow these weight loss tips and lose your weight.

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Stressed Out? Quick Tips to overcome Stress|stress reliever

 Stressed Out? Quick Tips to overcome Stress|stress reliever

 Stressed Out? Quick Tips to overcome Stress|stress reliever

stress reliever- stress has become associate inevitable companion, either because of some ill health, hard-to-please relationships or a difficult atmosphere at work.When there is a build-up of uncontrolled stress, it can lead to major diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure and even depression. Some people turn to alcohol, smoking and even binge-eating as a means to cope with the stress in their lives. While these may make you feel better for the time-being, in the long run, they cause more harm than good. Read on for a couple of smarter options that you can include in your diet to help you deal with stress reliever .


Nuts are inherently blessed with generous amounts of amino acid tryptophan, which is known to be an excellent source of relaxation and stress reliever. Stress also plays havoc with your health in general, and nuts are rich sources of zinc and vitamins that help boost your immune system. Plus the mechanical task of removing nuts from their shells has a weirdly calming effect, and it serves as an effective way to keeps tabs on the amount of nuts consumed.


The next time that you are feeling stressed out, swap the ice cream tubs for a bowl full of fresh yoghurt. Yoghurt contains probiotics that can help in reducing the brain activities that are related to emotional wellbeing, thus making it easier to cope with stress. Additionally, there is no way that you can go wrong by adding a generous dose of calcium, proteins and probiotics to your diet.


The anti-inflammatory properties of the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help in subduing the negative effect of the hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. This, in turn, helps you remain calm and collected, even in stressful situations. Those who are already suffering from heart diseases are advised to double their intake of salmon to help them cope with stress.

Dark Chocolate

Tasty stress reliever tip-Another reason for chocolate lovers to rejoice is that an occasional indulgence in dark chocolate aids in keeping your stress levels in check. We, of course, mean a piece or two, not the entire slab of chocolate. The cocoa plays a huge role in regulating your blood vessels to relax, it improves the circulation and also helps in lowering the blood pressure. While there are plenty of varieties to choose from, it is advisable to opt for the ones that have at least 70% cocoa.

Ayurvedic medicine for stress reliever

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting dietary measure for coping for stress reliever, Ayurvedic doctors, emphasizes on the role that Ayurveda plays in instant stress reliever.
Ayurvedic doctor says, “There are some area of unit multiple Ayurvedic herbs which will facilitate calm and relax your mind and body.

while at the same time operating as associate degree inhibitor to guard you from inflammation, depression, and broken muscle tissue.” Relax  Ayurvedic medicine.
guarantees effective relief from stress by combining the benefits of a host of herbs like Ashwagandha, Amlaki, Brahmi and Bala. You can achieve optimum results by taking one tablet twice daily, and backing it up with yoga and pranayams.

 Stressed Out? Quick Tips to overcome Stress|stress reliever

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you for stress reliever when you are stressed out, ayurvedic medicine plays a major role in stress share this tips and tricks with your friends and family these stress reliever tips so that they can get rid of stress and have a healthy life.

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Stress control by ayurveda | Top stress management tips for life

Stress management tips-Here’s how Ayurveda explains stress, and how to control it

Stress control by ayurveda | Top stress management tips for life

Stress everyone has common problem in their life with daily environment,job,family tension. well no worries you are in the right place where you get proper stress management tips to control your stress in a healthy way . Given the frenzied pace of our lives, it won’t take a peek in an exceedingly orb or a very all-knowing psychic to allow you to apprehend that you just ar below additional stress than is suggested for your age – which the condition isn’t progressing to modification anytime presently. The worker spirit of this generation means we tend to believe pushing ourselves to be the most effective at no matter we tend to do, from ascent up the ladder within the skilled sphere to serving as glorious multitaskers and pains to form time for everybody in your personal life. the tip result being that you just bear the motions, however realize your reserves being simply depleted and your output slowly dwindling. that the next time things get a small amount overwhelming, don’t simply pop a headache pill or over-the-counter stress medication – a minimum of not while not going to the basis reason for the difficulty initial.

How Ayurveda explains stress -Stress management tips

Ayurvedic doctors relates the catalyst of all stress back to the 3 main pillars of piece of writing. “The real reason behind stress in standard of living is connected back to Vata Dosha, pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha, and also the interrelationship between them. the method of eliminating stress, and its connected issues, is compared to calibration a radio; putting the correct balance between all 3 parts is crucial. Vata governs all movement within the body; for example, if you grant your body some respite from weather condition by staying heat, this dosha flows harmoniously. Similarly, pitta governs all biological activity within the body and Kapha supervises the structure within the body. once all 3 doshas area unit taken care of, the balance between them flows unhampered and you may end up really ready to conquer stress,” he explains.This are the stress management tips recommended by panel of ayurvedic doctors

Natural solutions for everyday stress -stress management tips

For starters, take some time out and reflect on the origin of stress – is it from external pressures at work or is the cause something internal, like lack of sleep and pessimistic thought patterns? Once you identify the catalyst, take constructive measures towards simplifying the trigger in question. Open your life to all things natural, from your meal choices to de-cluttering your workdesk and surrounding yourself with desk plants for a calming effect.

In keeping with the all-natural memo, Pure Cure + Co.’s Relax provides a holistic Ayurvedic treatment for stress and anxiety with powerful detoxifying agents that counteract the effects of stress on the body and help restore emotional balance. “If you’ve been suffering from frequent and unexplainable bouts of moodiness and irritability, opt for a mental detox with by taking one tablet of Relax twice daily after meals, routine pranayams and cutting out all forms of tobacco and alcohol from your diet. The results come in the form of a relaxed and more focused you,”.
Stress control by ayurveda | Top stress management tips for life

These are my stress management tips that can help you to keep you stress free and these are very helpfull to be positive and not forget to share this stress management tips with your  friends and family let them to have a healthy life.
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What is protein ll Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

 Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

Hello friends how are you I hope you all are fine today I studied about protein deficiency seen in Indian youth? According to my study, I saw that many people in India have a protein deficiency. So I thought people should know about the best source of protein which they should include in there day to day life. before I tell about the best source of protein people should know about what is protein and how it is work. Many people don't know the importance of protein in a day to day life.

What is protein?

What is protein ll  Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

Protein is a micronutrient which contains a long chain of amino acid which is required by a living organism for there day to day life. For the development of muscles to the growing of your height everywhere, protein is required. If you have a good intake of protein your skin also glow. You will not become sick frequently if your immune system is strong. For a strong immune system, you should have high protein rich food in your diet.
Here I brought the best protein-rich food which you can have in your daily life to overcome your protein deficiency.
10 best Different source of protein-rich food
There is having many foods which contain protein but every food didn't have high-quality protein which contains all amino acid chain in it. 

What are protein food?

Food which contains a chain of the amino acid is called a protein rich food
Here I brought 10 cheap high-quality protein rich food which is easily available in the market at a cheaper price.

Top 10 high-quality protein foods are:

1) Egg white

Egg protein
Egg protein

Egg white is the best source of high quality protein. Egg white contains an albumin protein which is a fast digesting protein. A person should have egg in his diet. One boiled egg can have about 6gm of protein. Egg protein is the fast digesting high-quality protein which is available at a very cheap price and easily available at the market.

2)Milk products

Milk protein
Milk protein

All milk products which includes milk, yogurt, cheese etc have very high-quality protein content. Milk contains two types of protein in it which is whey protein and casein protein. Milk contains 20% whey and 80% casein. Whey protein is a fast digesting protein while casein is slow digesting protein. All dairy products are protein rich.


Tofu protein
Tofu protein

Tofu is made of soy milk. Per 100gm contains 8gm of protein. With protein, it has very low calories so it can be taken for weight loss. It has many other micronutrients such as protein, fat, carb, manganese, magnesium, iron, selenium etc. If your goal is to weight loss than you should have tofu in your diet. Tofu help to reduce the risk of Diabetes, heart attack, cancer, and many more disease.

4)Chicken breast

Chicken breast
Chicken breast protein

Chicken is the another best source of protein which contains about 32gm protein per 100gm. But you should eat chicken breast if you want more protein in it. Other parts such as legs region do not have much protein compared to chicken breast region. You can take chicken twice or thrice a week only because the daily consumption of chicken is also not good for health. A person can face the problem of hypertension.

5) Red meat

Red meat protein
Red meat protein

Red meat includes a meat of beef, goat, pig. A slice of red meat contains approx 30gm of protein and a good part of red is that it does not carbs in it. But daily consumption of red meat has a high risk of heart attack, cancer, Diabetes etc.
You should eat it only once or twice not more than that. It contains saturated fat which can Cause a heart attack and many heart-related problems.


Dry nuts protein
Nuts protein

The nut is the source of instant energy to the body. A person should have a daily intake of nuts. Nuts which is commonly available such as Almonds, cashew, peanuts, etc are normally we eat. These all are the protein-rich food which you can eat. A soaked almond is good in protein and also good for brain memory. Peanuts are also a very good source of protein. Instead, you can buy peanut butter which contains more protein than eating normally. If you don't want to buy peanut butter. You can make peanut butter at home also which is much healthier than purchasing one.

7)Soya bean

Soy protein
Soy protein

Soya bean is the cheapest source of protein which is easily available. A 100gm of soya bean can cost you about ₹15 - ₹20 and it will serve you about 30gm of protein. But this protein is not a high-quality protein because it does not contain the chain of all essential amino acid in it. Also over intake of soy protein lead to the increase in estrogen(female hormone)  level in the body which is not good for man. So soya bean should be take in less amount. It should be about 40gm to 50gm a day. 


Protein in oats
Protein in oats

Oats are one of the most eating food at breakfast. Many people eat oats with milk every morning at breakfast. But do all know how healthier is oats? Oats contain an essential micronutrient such as fiber, fatty acid, protein etc which provides instant energy to the body. Also, a combination of oats and milk is superb. Every morning when you are getting late for office. You can have oats as a morning breakfast. It does not require much time to prepare. You can make oats much tastier by adding additional material such as fruits, nuts. Adding these things will automatically increase its Protein content. I think eating junk food in the morning and wasting money there you should eat oats which 1000 times better than junk food.


Sprouts protein
Sprouts protein

Sprouts are the germinating seeds. A sprouted seed is much healthier than normal seed. A sprouted seed contains protein,vitamin,antioxidant,iron,phosphorous,fiber etc. It contains all the chain of essential amino acid. But many people don't know how to eat sprouts? Sprouts should be eaten directly without boiling or heating them because sprouts are the living plants and by heating them there all essential nutrient is all degenerate. Instead, you can make a chart of sprouts by mixing chopped tomato, onion, lime and mix them a tasty sprout chart is ready.

10)Whey protein

Whey protein is a milk-based protein which is a fast digesting protein. One serving of whey protein provides you about 25gm of high quality fast digesting protein which is necessary for the bodybuilder. You can take whey protein powder with milk or water. But many bodybuilders recommend drinking whey protein by water because in water it is much fast absorbed by the body. Milk also contains other constituents which also absorbs by a body and take more time to absorb protein. If you are not a bodybuilder than you should not buy whey protein because it will very costly. If you are a normal person with Normal life you can eat the above food product which is available at a cheaper price than whey.


These all are the best protein rich food which you all should include in your daily life. This will help you to overcome from protein deficiency.

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5 Natural home remedies for good sleep|sleeping tips

5 Natural home remedies for good sleep|sleeping tips

5 Natural home remedies for good sleep|sleeping tips

Sleeping Tips: We know that the time between when you hit the bed and have to wake up the next morning – and repeat the drill all over again the next day – is limited. This is why it is essential that you make the most of the time that you get at night to allow your body to rejuvenate and naturally flush out toxins. Whether you are looking for an ayurvedic remedy for insomnia like Sarpagandha or you just want to cut down on the tossing and turning, here are all the natural remedies that will help you wake up the next morning fresh as a daisy.Here i have listed 5 home remedies for good sleep-sleeping tips that can keep you healthy and motivated


One of the best sleeping tips that can be given is Yoga-The art of meditation is widely credited as a cure for insomnia, and you’d be surprised at the difference that some easy yoga poses before going to bed can do to your sleep. Sit down on the floor with your back erect and touch the soles of both your feet in front of you in the traditional meditation pose, also known as Baddhakonasana. Fill your mind with a relaxing chant and regulate your breathing patterns accordingly. Not only does this asana stretch the muscles of your back and thighs, but regular practice also serves as an effective way to de-stress and prepare your body for sleep.


Your surroundings play an important role in ensuring the quality of your nightly sleep, or lack thereof. De-clutter the immediate area around your bed of all things that could distract you from a deep sleep at night – that includes all forms of digital devices. Untimely pings from your phone or laptop at odd hours of the night can potentially keep you from forming an even sleeping pattern.


You are only as good as your dietary choices. To ensure a better sleep at night, cut out all beverages that contain caffeine from your diet post mid-afternoon. Your last meal of the day needs to be light on the stomach, as spicy foods can keep you up at night with indigestion. When possible, leave a gap of a few hours between your dinner and the time you go to bed to ensure that your body has adequate time to digest your meal.

Natural sedatives

Skip the nightcap, and instead gulp down a glass of warm milk mixed with light hints of honey just before going to bed. Milk contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps induce sleep, while carbohydrates like honey boost the production of serotonin, a hormone that works as a natural sedative. Together, they ensure that your brain knows that it is time to power down and drift off to a sound, rejuvenating sleep.


Ayuredic doctors , explains the key reason why your nightly sleep is the most crucial part of your daily schedule. “Sleep constitutes one of the three main pillars of Ayurveda, and an insufficient night sleep is believed to increase the Vata Dosha that governs the motion in the body,” he elaborates. To redress that balance, Pure Cure + Co. provides an effective remedy with Sleep that harnesses the power of Sarpagandha, an ayurvedic treatment for insomnia. “When combined with regular pranayams and a diet devoid of heavy foods, it helps your body get the sound sleep that it deserve.
These are my sleeping Tips that are natural home remedies for Good sleep that can help you get a Good sleep let your friends and family know about this sleeping Tips.comment below if you have any query regarding health.
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5 proven Tips to improve your sleep|sleeping Tips

5 proven Tips to improve your sleep|sleeping Tips

5 proven Tips to improve your sleep|sleeping Tips

How to sleep faster many people might have this Question? well your in the right place.While some people are dead to the world the minute they hit the sack; our hectic lifestyle means that most of us are well acquainted with the struggle of being exhausted yet unable to sleep. Ayurvedic doctors strongly believes that, “Lack of sleep is the culprit behind mood swings and irritableness, and it also destroys your focus and drains your energy.” Here are a couple of helpful 5 proven  sleeping tips that ought to help fight your insomnia.
5 proven Tips to improve your sleep|sleeping Tips

Follow a steady sleep schedule

Follow the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ mantra to the T. Fix a time to go to bed daily and see to it that you make no exceptions, no matter how engaging the task at hand may seem. Make sure that this rule also extends to the weekends. Pull in a family member to help you stick to your schedule, as we often tend to get caught up in stuff and lose track of time. Also, your biggest enemy - the games on your phone or social media - need to be kept strictly at bay once you cross your sleeping time.

Avoid naps in the afternoon

Following a steady sleeping schedule is near impossible if you spend the entire night sleepless and made up for it by taking long naps during the day. It would be best for you to completely resist the urge to sleep during the day, no matter how tired you are. Just allow the sleep to build up till your scheduled sleeping time, and once that falls into pattern, you will be good to go.

Assess the quality of your mattress

Another wet blanket (pun intended) that comes in the way of your precious sleep is the mattress and pillow that you sleep on. Even the best quality mattresses and pillows have a maximum life expectancy of around 10 years. Beyond that all they cause is sleeplessness, back and neck problems. Don’t cut corners when it comes to selecting a mattress and invest in a good quality one that has a positive effect on your health and sleep.

Eliminate noise from your bedroom

Ensure that there is no noisy machine or gadget in your bedroom. If you are a light sleeper who gets disturbed by the smallest of sounds from outside your windows, then look for soundproofing them. Create an ambience in the bedroom that assists you in sleeping. There is also a wide variety of sleep oil aromatherapy diffusers available in the market, so you can take your pick.

Meditate before sleeping

Since times immemorial, the easiest and best technique known to relieve stress is meditation. If your sleeplessness is due to some nagging worry at the back of your head, then try meditating for about 10-15 minutes before you sleep. It has an extremely soothing effect on your mind, that could help you sleep better.

How to sleep Faster - ayurveda medicine to improve your sleep

For best results, try  Sleep supplements recommended by ayurveda doctors. for a lasting solution to sleep deprivation and habitual insomnia. Our 100% natural supplements are devoid of any taste enhancers or chemical additives, ensuring that you have a completely natural tablet in your hand without any side effects. Just the goodness of Sarpagandha, that gives your body the rest that it craves for.
5 proven Tips to improve your sleep|sleeping Tips

These are my sleeping Tips and Tricks that can imrove your sleep and make a healthy you,Do share this sleeping Tips  with your friends and Family let them to enjoy their sleep and have a healthy life.comment below if you have any doubt regarding sleep and other health issues. 

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sleeping disorders? Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

Sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

sleeping disorders-We can’t stress enough about the absolute necessity of getting a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping properly makes you  more susceptible to blood pressure diseases, diabetes, obesity, stress, and the list goes on. Ayurveda doctors further states, “Lack of sleep is also known to make you irritable and moody, having a serious impact on your productivity at work. That is why, it is of utmost importance to fix this problem at the earliest.” If nothing seems to be working out to help you sleep, try these time-tested  poses of is meant to help us sleep like a Child.There is always a solution to sleeping disorders recommended by ayurveda doctors hence these are some Tips and Tricks That can help you from sleeping disorders by doing regular yoga.

sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda


A simple yoga pose that you can try when you’re tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. This pose requires you to hoist your legs up the wall alongside your bed, or even the headboard. This helps in draining lymph and lactic acid from your legs, which reduces soreness and fatigue, if you’re someone you spends a lot of time on your feet. Do this for about 5 minutes daily for effective results.


Again, a relatively easy-to-do pose, that requires you to lie on your back, bringing the soles of your feet to touch each other. Then, let your knees fall open forming a diamond shape with your legs.  Either leave your hands by your sides or place one on the chest and the other on your abdomen. If your limbs feel too stretched, then try putting cushions under your knees. This pose improves the blood circulation in the body and helps reduce the symptoms of stress and mild depression,sleeping disorders.


This pose has a calming effect on your nervous system and helps you transition easily into a tranquil state. To do this, sit straight on your bed with your legs folded, blocking one nostril with a fingertip, breathe slowly through the other one. When the right nostril is dominant, it leads to more alertness. The exact opposite is experienced when the left nostril is dominant. This entire process helps in freeing the mucous membrane which is present in the left nostril, and doing so helps clear our mind and put it into a restful and ready-to-sleep state.


Often dubbed as the most favourite pose of any yoga class, the savasana just requires you lie down flat on your back with your hands and legs left free, resembling a corpse. This position helps lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Combined with deep breathing, this allows your body to relax in preparation for sleep.
These are my Tips and Tricks That can help you get rid of sleeping disorders Hence do regular yoga to help you to keep fit and Fine share this tips with your family and friends so that they can get rid of this sleeping disorders.comment below if you have any doubts regarding my blog.
If you’re looking for effective results, then try Its a ayurveda medicine for sleeping disorders. an all-natural supplement that gives you the unadulterated goodness of Sarpagandha. It helps in normalising the blood pressure and also enables your body to release the pent-up energy, so that you can enjoy a tranquil sleep. This no-hassle formula just requires you to pop in one tablet  with warm warm daily before bed for positive results in just two weeks.

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sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

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